Discount Umpire Shoes

by Rolo on September 10, 2011

Discount Umpire Shoes

Discount Umpire Shoes - The truth is that today steel is really only necessary for industrial jobs involving heavy moving objects or machinery.  Today’s advanced carbon fiber composite materials provide far more protection than you’ll ever need behind the plate, while being infinitely lighter and more comfortable than steel. The proprietary carbon toe and plate that was developed for the Reaction Discount Umpire Shoes is fashioned from a material that is basically identical to that of the factory which produces footwear for the Police, Fire, FBI and Military services. Their material rates at ASTMF 2413.05.  In addition to a superior strength to weight ratio, carbon fiber also provides added protection from electrical hazards.

Lets not forget about the Reebok Discount Umpire Shoes that so popular among Major League Umpires.

Discount Umpire Shoes

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